Global Partners and In-country delegation support team

The Citizen Ambassador Program works with global partners to support the implementation of the professional exchange, the accompanying guest program, the optional cultural exchange and added services. Our partners have a long history of working with our Washington DC team to ensure the smooth logistics involved with high-level exchanges of this nature.

Our In-Country Support Team is deployed to manage the delegation experience. These teams will include a Delegation Manager and Local Representatives.

The Delegation Manager is responsible for:

  • Meeting the delegation upon arrival.
  • Assisting with luggage issues after clearing customs.
  • Communicating with professional hosts to confirm and finalize meeting arrangements.
  • Finalizing local transportation.
  • Confirming restaurant reservations and meal selection in advance of arrival.
  • Managing special needs of delegation members.
  • Handling any on-site medical emergencies or crises.
  • Facilitating the thank-you letter distribution, if needed.
  • Handling tipping and entrance fees related to the program and its supporting members
  • (drivers, interpreters, secondary Local Representatives, bell staff, restaurant staff, etc.).

Local Representatives are experts in the specific city or region.

The Local Representatives’ role is to provide information and context on a particular city and the cultural and professional activities during the visit. The Local Representative will be your point person throughout the delegation. They have essentially the same duties to the delegation as a Delegation Manager, except that their role is limited to the activities in one particular city. A Local Representative will meet you upon arrival and see you off to your next city on the itinerary or on your way home. Many delegations will have a Delegation Manager and Local Representative. Look to the Local Representative/interpreters as great resources for answering questions about protocol. The Delegation Manager and Local Representative(s) will be able to help with any problems or questions.

Global Partner Information