November 7th, 2022

Dear ACS Delegates and Guests,

We hope you are looking forward to the delegation in Morocco coming up very soon.  Please read through this email in its entirety in preparation for your departure.

Below is a link to the Final Information for your delegation.  On this site you will find:

  • Before you depart for the Kingdom of Morocco – information on the ACS WhatsApp group, Morocco immigration pre-registration (optional) and COVID-19 requirements.
  • Travel Essentials-information for Morocco– emergency contact information, hotel information, arrival procedures and meeting your ground representative upon arrival in Morocco, hotel check-in, Covid-19 information, and entry requirements.
  • Logistical Information- hotel information, arrival and departure lists (flights, times, and hotel transfer information), Added services (added pre and post hotel nights) and rooming list information.- Please note, as we are still awaiting submissions of flight information forms and requests for added services, these are not yet posted.  We will post this information as soon as possible.
  • Program information– professional and accompanying guest schedules of activities
  • Delegation information- leader biography, roster of delegates and delegate profiles
  • Travel Information- Travel Readiness (dress codes, currency, electrical requirements, etc.), Morocco Culture briefing, preparing for the professional exchange and information on the role of the ground team representative.

Action Items:

  • Join the Whatsapp group using this link. This will be your primary mode of communicating during the delegation. If you have any difficulty downloading the app or joining the group, please call me (Kasey McKevitt) at 202-545-7034. I am happy to walk you through the steps of joining the group.
  • Submit your passport and vaccine information on this link. These documents are essential to planning logistics, so please get them in as soon as possible. If you are having trouble submitting on the link below, please email the documents to CitizenAmbassador@CulturalVistas.Org.
  • Thoroughly read through the Final Information for the ACS Delegation, posted on the Delegate Communications Site under ACS Final Information. As personal information is listed on the Roster of Delegates, this site only accessible to delegation members.  The Password for the Final Information was sent via email, please check your inboxes.

Best regards,

Citizen Ambassador Team

Dawn Davis, Program Director

Kasey McKevitt, Assistant Program Officer

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