January 31st, 2023: Transfer Information

Dear Rule of Law Delegates to the UAE,

I wanted to provide some clarification regarding arrival transfers.

The arrival transfer window is very early on the morning of the first day, as this was when the majority of US originating flight arrived in the UAE.  You are not required to make arranges to arrive at this time.  If you have booked your fights, and they do arrive in the early morning hours, you may wish to request a room for the pre-night.  the cost of the pre-night is not included in the program cost; however, the hotel rates have been fairly reasonable for the previous delegations.  If you do wish a pre-night, please contact the hotel directly.- see UAE Hotel and Ground transportation.

Some delegates have chosen to book flights arriving very late on the first day (Saturday).  The final information materials (to be posted 30 days before delegation convene) will include information on where to meet on Sunday morning.

We have set up a WhatsApp group for your delegation.  Please download the app to your mobile phone and accept the invitation below to join the group.  Your ground team, fellow delegates, delegation leader and our staff are all on this group.  Please utilize this communication tool to reach our team before, after, and during your delegation travels.  Please let us know of flight delays or ask questions while of the group and our team throughout the program. If you have any issues getting connected, please contact Kasey at 202-545-7034.


Lastly, please be sure to complete the following action items:

  • Please complete your Professional Profile Form. I ask that you complete this as soon as possible, as this form will assist our team and your overseas counterparts in finalizing an exchange that reflects the composition of the delegation.
  • If you wish to make a professional presentation, as may be required for your funding, or as it will add to the professional experience, we ask that you submit a brief outline (250 words) for review. Additional Information can be found on the DCS under the section Forms and Miscellaneous.
  • Please submit your Vaccine and Passport documentation. If you anticipate participating in your delegation’s extension program, please submit this immediately after you receive confirmation that the delegation has reached the minimum number of participants.
  • Enroll any non-professional guest to travel with you and share this unique experience on the same application portal for professional applications. Guests will not participate in the professional exchange as they will have a parallel program of activities; joining you in the cultural activities outlined in the program. The Guest Program Information can be found on your DCS as soon as it is available.
  • If you have not submitted your Flight Information form, please do so immediately, so we know how many delegates will be needing the airport transfers.

Best regards,

Citizen Ambassador Team

Dawn Davis, Program Director

Kasey McKevitt, Assistant Program Officer

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