ENA Professional Purpose Statement

Emergency Nursing Association Delegation

to Abu Dhabi and Dubai , November5-11, 2022

Delegation Leader: Mrs. Vanessa Gorman MSN, RN, CCRN, FAEN, FCENA


A delegation of Emergency Nurses will visit the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to exchange ideas and address common issues with their professional counterparts.  This delegation is being developed under the auspices of the Citizen Ambassador Program of Cultural Vistas, a US non-profit NGO, with extensive experience in developing counterpart professional exchanges. This delegation has been developed in consultation with the Emergency Nurses Association.

About the Emergency Nurses Association (ENA)

Then Emergency Nurses Association mission is to advance excellence in emergency nursing. Our vision is to be the premier organization for the emergency nursing community worldwide.

Derived from the vision of ENA’s co-founders Judith Kelleher and Anita Dorr, our priorities are guided by these values and beliefs. ENA believes …

  • In the inclusion and contributions of nursing, in collaboration with healthcare partners worldwide, to explore innovative solutions to the challenges of emergency care delivery.
  • Compassion is an essential element of the emergency nursing profession.
  • We should embrace inclusion, diversity and mutual respect in all interactions and initiatives to promote the essential value of different perspectives and experiences within emergency nursing.
  • In a team-based delivery of resources that meet the highest quality standards of excellence for patients and emergency nurses.
  • Emergency care evolves through lifelong learning and a culture of inquiry for the discovery and integration of evidence-based research into emergency nursing practice.
  • Our Code of Ethics establishes and encourages adherence to principles of honesty and integrity.
  • The spirit of philanthropy allows the advancement of the profession of emergency nursing and improves the lives of patients throughout the world.
  • We place the highest value on our members for their contributions to the care of patients and their families, the emergency nursing profession, and our organization.

Goals and Learning Objects for the Delegation

Our primary objective for this delegation is to gain an understanding and appreciation for the role of Emergency Nurses in the UAE, to establish long term partnerships, initiate channels of collaboration, and build a network of international counterparts to advance the practice of Emergency Nursing.

We will accomplish this objective through dialog with colleagues, and through professional and cultural visits.

The following subjects are of particular interest to the delegation. These topics may be further refined to incorporate the specialized interest and expertise of the individual delegates.

  1. Overview of role of Emirates nurses, international nurses, the structure for emergency nursing in the UAE
  2. The role of emergency nursing in healthcare policy and public health initiatives
  3. Emergency Nursing education programs, standards, and continuing education
  4. International education and training models deployed in the UAE Schools of Nursing
  5. Understanding the morbidity and mortality metrics as a measurement of quality of care  in the UAE
  6. UAE access to emergency care: urgent care centers, trauma centers
  7. Role of emergency nurses in disaster situations, preparation, training, and best practices
  8. Impact of religious and social customs on delivery of care in the emergency department
  9. Role of emergency nurses in disaster situations, preparation, training, and best practices
  10. Triage best practices and advances
  11. Procedures and methods to ensure emergency department staff safety
  12. Social Service resources to address family violence, addiction, and suicide and  in the Emergency Department

It is intended that these exchanges will facilitate increased learning for both the host professional and for the ENA  delegation and will offer contributions of international understanding at the career and personal levels for all.

The Emergency Nurses Association has selected Mrs. Vanessa Gorman, Member of the Emergency Nursing Association Board of Directors as leader of the delegation.  Mrs. Gorman has provided guidance in the development of the topics of discussion listed above.  Below is a brief biography for Mrs. Gorman.

Mrs. Vanessa Gorman, MSN, RN, CCRN, FAEN, FCENA

Vanessa Gorman was born and resides in Melbourne, Australia. She has worked in emergency nursing in Australia for over 25 years and is a highly accomplished emergency care professional with senior level experience across healthcare and State Government. Vanessa has been a member of CENA, the Australian equivalent of ENA and is an inducted fellow into both emergency nursing associations. Vanessa has worked across many facilities, including tertiary and metropolitan hospital settings in Australia. She has held positions such as staff nurse, educator, nurse manager and most recently as the Senior Operations Manager for the state-led COVID-19 response for Victoria, Australia.

Ms. Gorman joined ENA in mid-2000s as she was looking to work with like-minded people around the world. Since 2016 she has been actively involved with the International Advisory Council, serving as the chair in 2019 & 2020.

Ms. Gorman has completed her bachelor’s degree in nursing program in Australia and went onto earn a graduate diploma in emergency nursing and healthcare management and a masters in specialty nursing. She holds TNCC, ITLS and TNP accreditation