Guest Program for Morocco

A parallel program of activities will be developed for guest, while the professional delegates are participating in the professional exchange.  As the guest program is desigend to compliment the final schedule of professional activities, the daily guest itineray will be sent to guest along with the pre-departure materials.

The program cost for the accompanying guest program is the same as the professional delegates.


Activities for guests will include:

  • A  visit to Sale’- or in Arabic “Sla”, an old walled city on the Atlantic coast,  founded by the Banu Irfan,  Berber tribe in the 11th century, later in the 17th century became a hide away for pirates.  Sale’ was the birthplace of the rebellion against the French colonists.
  • Explore the Mohamed VI Contemporary Art Museum, the Archeological Museum, and the Bank Al Magrib Museum.
  • Travel outside of Fez to  the Fes Medina, the oldest part of the walled part of FEZ.   Walk along the ramparts to experience the panoramic views of Fez.  Later visit Jnane Sbil Park, the splendid gate of the Royal Palace and pass through the old Jewish quarter, the Mellah .
  • Get lost in the sprawling souks of Fez, to discover bronze art craft, amazing pottery, followed by a visit one of the many carpet bazaars (co-operatives).  Local artisans weave the majority of the rugs in their homes throughout the country, then bring them to the  co-operatives to be sold.