Language and Literacy Delegation to the United Arab Emirates Preliminary Schedule of Activities

Delegation Roster


November 19-25, 2022

Preliminary Schedule of Activities


Please note- Specific meetings and facility visits will be determined based on the goals and topics of discussion defined by the delegation leader and the UAE counterparts. Delegation members will be asked to complete a Professional profile and offer suggested topics of discussion.  The final schedule of activities will reflect the composition of the delegation.

Day 1: November 19, 2022 (Saturday)         Arrival Abu Dhabi

Welcome to United Arab Emirates. On arrival at Abu Dhabi International Airport, you will be meet and greeted by your National Guide outside the baggage hall area at the airport and transfer to hotel.

Abu Dhabi is the largest of the seven Emirates and the Federal capital of the United Arab Emirates. A well-planned modern city with several high-rise buildings, impressive palaces, beautiful corniches, and architectural mosques.

Day 2: November 20, 2022  (Sunday)            Abu Dhabi: Cultural day

Today tour the historic sites of  Abu Dhabi. Visit Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque the most imposing religious and national landmark in Abu Dhabi to date. Then a panoramic tour of the Emirates PalacePresident’s Palacethe Old Fort, built in the late 19th century, making it the oldest buildings in town. Then explore the Abu Dhabi Heritage Village. At the eastern end of the Corniche, near the port, lies Abu Dhabi’s fish market and dhow wharf, offering an excellent view of the city’s skyline.

In the evening, program opening and orientation.

Day 3: November 21, 2022 (Monday)           Abu Dhabi: Professional Day

Introduction to the UAE Education System by representatives of the  the Ministry of Education (MOE). MOE over sees the Individual Emirates Education systems, focusing on the quality and equity of the education systems,  The MOE directs UAE wide initiatives to advance the education standards of all UAE students. 

The Ministry will provide an overview of the development of the UAE Education system, the challenges in developing one structure incorporating multiple unique cultural differences and striving to have all Emirates Students meet the international standards.

We will discuss:

  • The development of a student assessment system which is equitable across all seven of the Emirates.
  • The status an education system which encourages English as a second language
  • Education Administration which promotes the advances the UAE Development Goals and respects the principals of each Emirates’ systems
  • The emphasis on STEM curriculum and technology resources for all levels of education

In the afternoon, meet with representatives of The Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge (ADEK).  ADEK, like  the Dubai Education Council (DEC), is focused on education reform and advancement  and preserving the local customs, cultural identity and traditions of their education systems.

Day 4: November 22, 2022  (Tuesday)          Abu Dhabi: Professional Day

This morning the delegation will visit a public primary school ( for students ages 6-12).  Public Schools are funded by the government and adhere to the UAE ministry standards. Observe classrooms conducting English language curriculum, reading curriculum and STEM programs.  Meet with teachers and administrators to discuss observations. 


  • Early literacy level for student entering Primary school
  • Introduction of STEM curriculum for young children
  • English language development at early ages,
  • Role of the family in the education structure

This afternoon the delegation will visit a Public Preparatory (student ages 12-15) or Secondary school (student ages 15-18).


  • Cultural implication of education for Girls
  • Afterschool programs for advanced students
  • Student behavioral development
  • Aptitude assessment and standardized testing
  • Technology Resources  

Day 5: November 23, 2022  (Wednesday)     Abu Dhabi-Dubai: Cultural Day

This morning drive from Abu Dhabi to Dubai, and then tour the city of Dubai. Start with a photo stop at the Dubai Creek, the lifeblood of Dubai. Then we will drive through the Bastakiya, Al Fahidi Fort, Ruler’s Court, Old Mosque, Textile Street, Central Bank, Ministry of Finance, and the Heritage Village.

Later we will head towards Jumeirah Road, passing by the Dry Docks Dubai & the Historical Union House with photo stops at the beautiful and famous Jumeirah Mosque, the world’s tallest 7-star hotel, Burj Al Arab.  We will then enter the Palm Jumeirah, an archipelago of artificial islands, which extends into the Persian Gulf.  The Palm View Observatory gives an eagle eye view or the land reclamation project.  From there, travel  to City Side & pass by the Tallest Building in the whole world, Burj Khalifa as you head to the Sheikh Palace area.  Finish with a visit to the Gold souq and spice souq.

Day 6: November 24, 2022  (Thursday)        Dubai: Professional Day

This morning visit Zayed University, College of Education.  The University  has two campuses, one in Abu Dhabi and one in Dubai. Founded in 1998. The University has worked toward international accreditation for all programs.  The College of Education is Internationally accredited for their Bachelors program in Early Childhood Education, and their Masters program in Educational Leadership.


  • The standards for Teacher education
  • Attracting UAE national students
  • Influences of International students
  • Unique Programs to prepare Teachers for a multi-cultural classroom
  • Future accreditation tracts within the School of Education

This afternoon the delegation will meet with representatives of the Dubai Education Council (DEC) and Ministry of Education representatives to discuss observations and learning outcomes for the exchange.  Discuss future collaboration and joint projects.

The Delegation will gather before the farewell dinner to share experiences throughout the exchange and discuss impressions and debrief.

Day 7: November 25, 2022 (Friday)              Dubai – Departure

Today transfer to the airport to connect your flight back home.