Morocco: Travel Information and Delegation Protocal

Below is infomation that will be updated throughout the preparation for your delegation. This information willhelp you as you prepare for your professional exchange and cultural program. Please check back no later than 30 days prior to departure for the complete information.

Travel Information

Added Services- extra nights and private transfers

Name badges – Please wear your name badge throughout the program, so you are easily identified as a member of the delegation. Also, this allows our Ground Team Representative to recognize you at the airport upon your arrival.

Rooming List – Take a few moments to make sure you are assigned as per your request. The final rooming list will be available to your national guide. Please advise me immediately of necessary changes.

Luggage tags – Airline regulations require identification tags on your luggage. You should have received the orange Cultural Vistas Luggage tags.  If you have not, please let me know immediately.  Please place them on your luggage before leaving your home.

Luggage –Coming Soon

Customs & Immigration Coming soon

Before traveling overseas, it is a good idea to become familiar with Customs procedures and know what to expect before you depart. Below is a link to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection site that includes general information on traveling overseas and returning back into the U.S. U.S. Customs and Border Protection | Securing America’s Borders (Links to an external site.)

Currency and Charge Cards – We suggest you take a small amount of cash in small denomination bills and plan to use the ATM for removal of cash onsite from a credit card or checking account. Major credit cards are accepted for purchases at most shops and hotels. It is a good idea to notify your credit card company of your travel plans since making purchases in a foreign country is most likely not part of your typical purchasing pattern. Your credit card company may delay approving any charges unless you notify them ahead of time. Please do not plan on using travelers checks in Egypt as they can be hard to cash.

Professional Meeting Preparation

We work diligently to ensure that the activities described here are available on your program. Unexpected scheduling conflicts, Covid-19 impacts, delays, weather, or circumstances beyond our control may result in program changes.

Being Culturally Respectful- Please show respect for the cultures we are visiting by observing local customs concerning appropriate dress, particularly in sacred places. Your National Guide is always available to answer any questions that you may have regarding this. If it is necessary to use a cell phone during the professional meetings or group cultural activities, please do so privately. Smoking is rarely an issue these days, but if you do smoke, please do so only away from the group.

Professional Meetings- This exchange is a bilateral, people-to-people exchange. We are not going there to teach, train, or to focus on our personal areas of expertise, but to share ideas, learn from each other, discuss best practices and solutions as well as the challenges we share, and explore opportunities to continue our newfound professional friendships.

English will be the language used throughout the program; an interpreter will be available during professional meetings. Please assist the interpreter by following these recommendations:

• Speak slowly and clearly.

• Speak in small sound bites.

• Make eye contact with people to whom you are speaking rather than with the interpreter.

• Pay attention to your volume. People often speak more loudly than required when working with an interpreter.

Gifts- There is no obligation for delegates to bring gifts.  However, many delegates choose to do so. Since you will be meeting with professional counterparts, we advise bringing informational materials relevant to the field, or other gift items branded by your organization. Please coordinate any gifts for professional hosts with your delegation leaders.

Suggestions include:

• Professional journals, articles, books, or multimedia presentations (especially any to which you have contributed)

• Pens, paper pads, tote bags, etc., with your organization’s name or logo

• Practical tools or equipment relevant to your field

Professional Meeting Attire-Plan to wear appropriate business attire to meetings and social events involving professionals. Business attire is not required for cultural activities. Country specific dress code recommendations will be explained on the Delegation Communication Site and final materials.

Cultural Activities Attire- As a general guideline, clothing should be lightweight, loose fitting and easily washed. In Summer, cotton clothing is much more comfortable than other materials like nylon. Clothing and accessories that will protect you from the sun is also necessary. It’s a good idea to pack a white or light colored, long sleeve cotton shirt. In Winter you will need warmer clothing, especially at night. Please also keep in mind that when visiting religious sites, appropriate attire is required. It is recommended for females to pack a scarf. (See Weather Information below)

Travel Information

Money- Coming Soon

Special Dietary Requirements-We will do our best to accommodate special dietary needs, however, please keep in mind that certain cultural differences or limitations due to logistics can make it extremely difficult and at times impossible to accommodate dietary restrictions. It is important to bring a flexible attitude and supplemental snacks if you have dietary limitations.

If your dietary needs have changed since you enrolled on the program, please inform us at immediately. 


  • Telephone: Coming Soon
  • Email & Internet Access: Internet access is available at all our hotels.

Electricity- Coming soon

Gratuities –The majority of the tips associated with this program for bus drivers, porters, restaurant staff and hotel luggage service have been included in your program cost. Their tips will be paid from the program office. Tips for your National Guide have not been included, as the National Guide is critical to the success of the program and will be the individual with whom you interact the most.  Your Delegation leader will coordinate the tip for the national guide, collecting from each of you to make up this gratuity. If any of the others, including bus drivers and hotel staff have impressed you, providing additional gratuities to specific individuals whom you would like to recognize their excellent service addition gratuity is always appreciated. 

Covid-19 Precaution Requirements, Medical Resources and General Travel Safety Information

Covid-19 Precaution Requirements for Entry – Coming Soon

Information on vaccinations and other health precautions, such as safe food and water measures and insect bite protection, may be obtained from this link CDC: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Covid-19 Precaution Requirements for Return to the United States- Coming soon

If you test positive for Covid-19 prior to departure, you will be quarantined for 48hrs, in the hotel.  If following a test after 48hours you remain positive, you will be required to quarantine for an additional 7 days.  All expenses for to Accommodation/ Hospitalization (if required) PCR Tests, will be your responsibility.

Staying Healthy-Coming soon

Medical Services- Coming Soon

General Personal Safety- Coming soon

It is recommended to all passengers travelling have personal insurance to assist with any medical and other costs. Please do not forget to take a copy of your insurance card or information with you. While there are no mandatory vaccinations for travellers to Egypt, it is advisable to ensure your typhoid, polio and tetanus inoculations are up to date. Some travelers feel more confident with hepatitis and meningitis inoculations as well. Rabies exists only in rural areas, and it is very unlikely that you will come in contact with a rabid animal on this exchange.

When travelling in markets and public areas, take care of your belongings and leave valuables back at the hotel. It is wise not to accept gifts of food or drink from any strangers. Take care with your passport, credit cards and money – a money belt to fit beneath your clothes is highly recommended. Be wary of pickpockets and petty crime, as this is often a problem in Egypt’s public spaces. When getting into a local cab, ensure the meter is turned on before you depart, if that is not working, negotiate the price before you hire one, to avoid being overcharged. Avoid walking alone, especially at night.

Cultural Activities Information

Shopping- Coming soon

Citizen Ambassador Program Policy Statement – While many delegates express an interest in shopping for local merchandise overseas, it is not a primary aim of the Citizen Ambassador Programs to place significant emphasis of time or effort on this activity. In keeping with the mission of the Citizen Ambassador Program, schedules are developed to keep professional exchange and/or cultural interaction the focus of your experience.

 The Citizen Ambassador Program can accept no responsibility for the quality or value of any goods purchased during your travel itinerary. This includes items purchased during scheduled visits and during free time on the program.

Photography- The best camera to take is one that is easy to carry and use. Multiple lenses and attachments are heavy, and replacements or repairs may be unavailable. Take plenty of film and extra batteries in your carry-on bag. Consider investing in a digital memory card with a large storage capacity if you use a digital camera.

When photographing an individual, especially up close, you should ask permission. Do not take pictures of Immigration/Customs areas or of military installations. Also, do not take pictures of police activity no matter how interesting it might appear.

The same rule of thumb also applies to places of worship and royal palaces. Permission will almost always be granted.

Photography Etiquette- When taking pictures of local people, be aware of cultural considerations. Approaching people with a warm smile and using polite gestures or simple phrases to ask permission to photograph them usually works well. It is always recommended to engage people in conversation before asking to photograph them, but if people do not wish to have their photo taken, please honor their requests. We urge you to avoid giving money in exchange for photo opportunities, which makes it harder for future travelers to have a meaningful personal interaction with local people. Please always heed your National Guide’s for what is appropriate.

Packing List

The essentials- Before you leave your country, we recommend you make sure you have the following:

  • Passport
  • Covid Vaccination Certificate
  • Air tickets (or E-tickets)
  • One other picture ID, such as driver’s license    
  • Expense money
  • Insurance policy- if you have purchased independent travel insurance
  • Personal Medications

Cultural Reading List- Coming Soon

Destination Information


Coming Soon


Coming soon

Eating and Drinking- Coming Soon

Opening Hours- Coming Soon