October 28th, 2022

The final information has been updated.

Flight schedules and transfers information

  • Please check the master copy for your flights and ensure they are correct.
  • You will see on each of the arrival/departure sheets that you are grouped into transfers, (see column K) for your transfer group, identified by T-01, and so forth.
  • If there is a note by your name, please let us know if we have this information correct.
  • If you are arriving into the UAE before November 12th (official convene date), if your flight arrives in the very early hours on the 12th and need an added hotel night, or if you are extending your stay past the program end date of November 18, please make sure that you have requested a pre/post-program night at the hotel if you wish our team to make the reservation.
  • The cost for the Hotel for Pre- Program (Abu Dhabi) is $170 (double occupancy) or $250 ( single room). 
  • The cost for the Hotel for Post- Program (Dubai) is $180 (double occupancy) or $270 ( single room). 
    • We will be sending a confirmation of the bookings next week.
    • You will receive an invoice for any added services as soon as they are confirmed (next week), the payment is due prior to departure.
    • Note– many people have spoken to Kasey in the past few hours, this information may not be reflected in the sheets, we will send an update with any changes made, following this first review of the arrival and departure information.

Professional and Guest Programs:

  • These have been updated to reflect the Sunday morning briefing and covid tests as needed.
  • Correction: On the Travel Essentials Information sheet, the final step of the arrival process listed your arrival at the Radisson Blu Yaz Island, this was in error, you are staying at the Radisson Blu Corniche.  The hotel information was correct in all other parts of the program information.
  • Documenting the Exchange: I will also need 6 volunteers to assist with the journaling the professional meetings, this will be done either using the online form or in hard copy.  Volunteers will only need to journal one meeting.  Please let me know if you can help.

Kasey and I are happy to answer any questions.

Thank you


Dawn Davis

Director, Citizen Ambassadors Program

202-545-6830 (office)

509-251-9532 (mobile)


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