October 7th, 2022

We are now into the count down to the final preparations for your exchange with your Moroccan counterparts. I also wanted to share that I will be traveling with you, on this exciting program.  As our ground team has been working to finalize the timing and logistics around your program; now is the time for you to prepare for this exciting exchange. One of the areas I have worked to improve your experience is to include a Delegation Manager to travel with each delegation.  Read more about my  Global Partners and In-country delegation support team .  I have worked with the In-country ground team for this delegation for over 20 years.  They will ensure all aspects of the exchange and experience in Morocco are both enlightening, and enjoyable.

Next Steps:

  1. Please review the general information regarding travel in Morocco. This information includes meeting attire guidance, tipping (all is included except for your Delegation Manager), appropriate professional gifts,  hotel contact information, weather, electrical requirements, currency information and a cultural briefing for the region. The Professional Exchange Preparation information will address working with an interpreter, the importance of a bilateral exchange and the need for flexibility as the schedules can become fluid throughout the week. 
  1. For entrance into the healthcare facilities, and to streamline the hotel check-in, please send upload a copy of your Covid 19 Vaccination card and a copy of your passport photo and  information page, using the Covid-19 Vaccination card and Passport copy portal.
  1. Along with your final information, you will receive an invitation to join the ACS Delegation WhatsApp group.  WhatsApp is a free international calling/ texting service.  WhatsApp uses your phone’s cellular or Wi-Fi connection to facilitate messaging and voice calling to nearly anyone on the planet, alone or in a group.  We will utilize WhatsApp as a means of emergence contact.  Your Delegation Manager will be in the group, so you can reach him at any time.
  1. Final Information, sent at approximately 30 days prior to the delegation convene date, this will be an email with the following documents:
  • A Travel Essentials Sheet, listing the contact information for the ground team member responsible for your arrival airport transfers.  Emergency contact information, hotel contact information, and any additional information you may want during your travel to Morocco.  We suggest your print this information and carry along with your travel documents
  • Final Schedule of Activities for the professional meetings and the parallel accompanying guest itinerary. Please note that a minute-by-minute schedule, which includes meeting times and locations for morning departures and estimated return times to the hotel will be provided by your Delegation Manager.
  • Rooming list with contact information.  If you requested a roommate, and one has been assigned, we suggest you introduce yourselves prior to travel.
  • Arrival airport transfer information, listing each delegates arrival flight and time.  Check out who else may be on your flight or arriving at the same time as you.
  • Special requests and arrangements– please review this list and made sure we have your requests as specified.
  1. Your Name Badges will be distributed by your delegation manager upon arrival in Morocco.  You will be sent two bright orange luggage tags, one for your carry-on bag and one for your checked luggage. Please make sure to attach the luggage tags, with your name and contact information completed. This helps our team more easily collect luggage at the airport and delivery to your room at check-in.
  1. We are in the process of coordinating the arrival and departures for your delegation.  Please complete the  Flight Information form, as soon as possible.  If you are planning on staying an extra night or arriving early and would like to stay in the Delegation Hotel, please complete the Added Travel Services Request Form .  Once we have received all the flight forms, an Arrival and Departure Airport Transfer plan will be finalized and sent to you, as part of the final information.  At that time, if you know you will require a private transfer, please request on the form.

— Please note: Several delegates have advised our team that they will be utilizing round trip flights, either into or out of Casablanca or Marrakesh (we refer to this as an opposite airport transfer).  Please do not worry about the transfer until we have completed the Arrival and Departure Airport Transfer plan, as you may have other delegates taking the same flights, and we will arrange transfers at that time. 

Thank you for participating in this exciting exchange.  You will receive this notice with the reminders again at approximately 30 days prior to the convene date for your delegation.

To do list:

Required for all:

As needed:

If you have any questions, please call Kasey McKevitt, Assistant Program Officer at 202-545-7034 or Dawn Davis at 202-545-6830.

Dawn Davis

Director, Citizen Ambassadors Program
202-545-6830 (office)


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