Delegation Leader Commitment

I agree to serve as the delegation leader for the Citizen Ambassador Program professional exchange, representing my field and professional colleagues.  In so doing, I agree to act in the best interests of the delegation, Cultural Vistas, the Citizen Ambassador Program, and the association I represent.  I agree to the following:

  • I understand my role is to provide guidance in the development of the professional program, including providing topics of discussion, suggested counterparts, and facilities to be included in the preliminary schedule of activities. I agree to complete the Professional Purpose Statement Questionnaire, to facilitate the program content development.
  •  I will support the invitation of delegation members, in the method decided upon by my association and the Citizen Ambassador Program team.  I will positively promote the delegations through my professional interactions and with my colleagues.
  • If it has been planned for the delegation to document the professional exchange, for the purpose of substantiating the accreditation for Continuing Education Credits or other purposes, I will direct and assist with the documentation activity, utilizing The Professional Meeting Summary form, either on-line, in a fillable PDF or paper format.
  • During Travel, I agree to attend all the professional meetings, representing the delegation and my professional association, as the formal head of the delegation.
  • As leader of the delegation, I understand my travel and program expenses will be covered as specified in the Letter of Agreement between my association and the Citizen Ambassador Program. I have reviewed the Delegation Leader Flight Arrangement Policy .
  • Should the delegation fail to reach the minimum number of participants specified in the Letter of Agreement between my association and the Citizen Ambassador Program, at 90 days prior to departure, I understand that the program may be cancelled.