Leader General Information

Responsibilities of the Delegation Leader

  • Provide input into the development of the professional program, identifying topics of discussion, site visit requirements and delegate presentations.
  • Review the final schedule of activities to ensure the schedule meets the original objective of the delegation.
  • Participate in the Virtual Exchange sessions, if planned. The schedule for the live meetings will accommodate your schedule.
  • Introduce the delegation at the beginning of the professional meetings and serve as the delegation’s spokesperson when appropriate.
  • Liaise with your national guide and supporting staff as representative of the delegation. 
  • If it has been planned for the delegation to document the professional exchange, for the purpose of substantiating the accreditation for Continuing Education Credits or other purposes, direct and assist with the documentation activity.



The development of each delegation may be different, given the constraints of scheduling for a specific profession or conflicting professional events. Below is a suggested timeline of activities for the development of the professional exchange.

Days prior to delegation convene date:

  • 120-180 Days Invitations sent and registration begins
  • 90 days Pending minimum registration, travel details are sent to delegates
  • 60 days Delegation must meet minimum registration to proceed
  • 30 days Registration closes: Itinerary is finalized
  • 7 days Delegates receive final documents; Leaders receive delegate details
  • Upon return Electronic evaluations are emailed to delegates

Delegation Communications Site

The primary medium of communication with delegates will be the Delegation Communications Site

Delegates often appreciate reading suggestions, lectures, and websites related to the research focus of the delegation.  Please send any recommendations to the Citizen Ambassador Program team.

Making Your Travel Arrangements

Roundtrip economy airfare between your home airport and the delegation destination is covered. A budget will be provided for the economy fare flights. Please see Delegation Leader Flight Arrangement  Policy.

Delegate Presentations

We often receive requests from delegates to make a presentation during the course of a delegation.  While we do not guarantee that every presentation will be accepted and/or scheduled, we do try to accommodate those who are required to present in order to receive funding for their participation.  We will send you any presentation requests as they are received (45-day prior to departure deadline).  We ask that your review these presentations and advise the program team as to suitability of the presentation and appropriate meeting/venue  for the presentation. Delegates will provide their Professional Presentation Request in the form of an abstract.


As stated in the Letter of Agreement, the cost of your participation and economy airfare is covered by the delegation. Please refer to the Leader program and travel expense reimbursement by Citizen Ambassador Program.

The Citizen Ambassador Program will not cover items of a personal nature, including gifts, laundry, or business/personal communication expenses not related to the delegation.  If you choose to extend your stay in the destination before or after the delegation, you are responsible for related costs.

Professional Meeting Documentation

Many delegations wish to document the professional exchange, for the purpose of substantiating the accreditation for Continuing Education Credits or other purposes.  We recommend that the delegation share note-taking responsibility.    All documentation is the property of the delegation, the Citizen Ambassador Program and your Association/Institution. If you plan on taking a laptop or notebook with you, the following the Professional Meeting Summary Form will electronically log the meetings. We will also have the Professional Meeting Summary form available in paper form, and fillable PDF.