Role of the Delegation Leader

The Role of The Delegation Leader is primarily to support the development of the professional program content and focus for the delegation. The process for developing the professional program is as follows :

  • Leaders are asked to complete the Leader Information form, to ensure we have correct contact and emergency information on file.
  • The first step in the Professional Program development is to complete the Professional Purpose Statement Questionnaire. The questionnaire asks that you identify 4-5 topics of discussion that would be of interest to your members, to identify any specific facilities or institution that should be included, an individuals with whom the delegation should meet, and a brief biography.
  • My team will then draft the Professional Purpose Statement, review with you and our overseas counterparts organizing the exchange. The final document will be used as the guide in drafting the Preliminary Schedule of Activities. Examples of the Preliminary Schedule of Activities can be found on this website under Delegations/Preliminary Schedule of Activities.
  • My team will draft a Letter of Invitation to be sent, via email, to the individuals you would like to include in the delegation. Many associations, send the invitation to all members, some select their leadership and other select based on the focus of the exchange. We will discuss the decision regarding the invitation recipients as we plan the exchange.

The Delegation will be comprised of professional colleagues, invited as a member of the professional association associated with this exchange, or by selected invitation from the associations, or your personal invitation list.

  • Delegations are generally 10-15 professional participants and 2-3 accompanying guests.
  • Your delegation will be staffed by a Delegation Manager and local guides, who will be responsible for the logistics for the program.
  • Your role while in country is to facilitate the professional meetings, by introducing the delegation to your counterparts, spurring the conversation should it lack, and thanking the meeting hosts. You are also the liaison with your Delegation Manager.
  • The exchange/ time away from the office is 7-10 days in length.
  • The date of the exchange is based on your availability and set to avoid association events.
  • Non-Professional Accompanying Guests will have a parallel program of unique cultural activities, and will join the professional delegates for all cultural enrichment activities and meals.
  • We will also offer an Optional Cultural Extension for those who wish to further explore the region. Extensions are 3-4 days in length. Please see the Destination/Country/ Optional Extension on this website.

The Delegation Members are professionals who have enrolled in the delegation through the Citizen Ambassador Program. Delegation Members scope of experience or professional interest fit withing the focus of the exchange, and have been accepted by the program.

  • As this the Citizen Ambassador program is a private citizen initiative, for the purpose of bilateral, non-governmental, professional exchanges. Each individual is responsible for thier program and international travel expenses.
  • Delegates will be required to make a $500 deposit at the time of application. This deposit is refundable up to 90 days prior to the delegation convene date. Within 90 days of the delegation convene date the delegates will be held to the cancellation policy outlined int he Delegate and Guest Terms and Conditions, which is signed at the time of application.
  • Final program cost expense will be due at 30 days prior to departure. Payment plans can be arranged for delegates.
  • Our ground team, supporting the exchange will coordinate arrival and departure transfers to and from the airport. Additional Services, including added hotel nights and private transfers are available and vary by destination. Please see Destination Information/Country for a list of the added services provided.
  • Professional Delegates will be asked to complete a Delegate Profile. This information will be provided to the meeting hosts and will be key in finalizing the program, ensuring that the final program is developed represent the composition of the delegation.