Professional Exchange Preparation


Flexibility with Program Schedule

We work diligently to ensure that the activities described in the Final schedule of Activities, take place as planned. Unexpected scheduling conflicts, Covid-19 impacts, delays, weather, or circumstances beyond our control may result in program changes. In the event we have a schedule change, your Delegation Manager and Delegation Leader will update the schedule and communicate any changes as quickly as possible.

Professional Meeting Attire

Plan to wear appropriate business attire to meetings and social events involving professionals. Business attire is not required for cultural activities. Country specific dress code recommendations will be explained on the Delegation Communication Site and Final Information materials.

As many countries may have strict rules and customs regarding dress, we will provide guidance on dress specific for your delegation with pre-departure materials.   See Travel Readiness information listed on your delegation communication site

Being Culturally Respectful

 Please show respect for the cultures we are visiting by observing local customs concerning appropriate dress, particularly in sacred places. Your National Guide is always available to answer any questions that you may have regarding this. If it is necessary to use a cell phone during the professional meetings or group cultural activities, please do so privately. Smoking is rarely an issue these days, but if you do smoke, please do so only away from the group.

Professional Meetings

 This exchange is a bilateral, people-to-people exchange. We are not going there to teach, train, or to focus on our personal areas of expertise, but to share ideas, learn from each other, discuss best practices and solutions as well as the challenges we share, and explore opportunities to continue our newfound professional friendships.

Working with an Interpreter

English will be the language used throughout the program; an interpreter will be available during professional meetings. Please assist the interpreter by following these recommendations:

• Speak slowly and clearly.

• Speak in small sound bites.

• Make eye contact with people to whom you are speaking rather than with the interpreter.

• Pay attention to your volume. People often speak more loudly than required when working with an interpreter.


 There is no obligation for delegates to bring gifts.  However, many delegates choose to do so. Since you will be meeting with professional counterparts, we advise bringing informational materials relevant to the field, or other gift items branded by your organization. Please coordinate any gifts for professional hosts with your delegation leaders.

Suggestions include:

  • Professional journals, articles, books, or multimedia presentations (especially any to which you have contributed)
  • Pens, paper pads, tote bags, etc., with your organization’s name or logo
  • Practical tools or equipment relevant to your field

Professional Program Background Information

Background materials will be prepared for your specific professional field.  These will be included in your Final Program Update, provided approximately 30 days prior to your delegation convene date.