Welcome letter for Delegates from the Delegation Leader

Delegation Leaders often send a welcome letter to their delegates, approximately 90 days before departure or as soon as the delegation has reached the minimum number of delegates. Below is sample text you may wish to use. Our team is ready to assist and can either provide the email addresses for the delegation members or send on your behalf.



INSERT ASSOCIATION LOGO HERE-it is best to add your association logo to identify this delegation for your members.

Dear Delegate,

I want to officially welcome you to the (Association full name) delegation, convening in (country) on (date).  As the (Leader association/ professional title), of (acronym), I am honored to lead this delegation. My main role as the delegation leader is to represent our profession, to provide guidance in the development of the professional exchange, liaison with the delegation support staff in country and facilitate meaningful discussions on our topics of interest:

    • (List the Topics of discussion as defined in the Professional Purpose Statement)

In preparation for this exchange, you have been asked to provide a brief biography and to specify your particular areas of interest for this delegation, on the Professional Profile Form. Your input will be incorporated into the final professional schedule. The final schedule will outline the specific opportunities for our delegation to share and learn from our counterparts on both a professional and personal level through roundtable discussions, one-on-one interactions, and social events.

I look forward to learning about your background and getting to know you personally throughout our time in (Country). To give you more insight about me, (This is your chance to personalize this message! Please list anything here that you would like to share with delegates—education, career path, personal ties to destination or association, etc. Many leaders insert a brief biography.  Having a personal connection with the delegates through this letter has shown to reduce delegate cancellations.)

I look forward to joining you and other association members as we represent (professional field-educators, nurses, physicians…) and (acronym) on this professional exchange.


Delegation Leader Name and Title- list first their position with the Association, then their other professional positions