Frequently Asked Questions

profile.jpg  Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do you choose the delegation leader?

A: Leaders are selected by the association based on their knowledge, accomplishments, and advancement in their field.  Our delegation leaders are generally executives (presidents, past presidents, or board members) from within the association.  As leaders in their professional field, they are qualified to assist us in formulating meeting topics and delegation focus, as well as in determining the professional composition of the delegation.

Q: How was I selected for this delegation?

A: The association selects the members it would like to invite.  Some of the time, all members of the association are invited and other times, the associations select members based on their areas of expertise or focus in order to match the focus of the delegation.

Q: What are my responsibilities as a delegate? 

A:  In general, as a delegate, you are asked to participate actively in the round-table discussions with professional counterparts.  When the discussions turn to a topic on which you feel qualified to speak, we hope that you will contribute to the meetings based on your knowledge and experience.

Q:  Are education credits available?

A:  Most associations do offer Continuing Education Credits, please check with our office regarding your specific program.  Individuals may also apply for CE credits on their own and World Learning will provide required documentation of the meetings and timing.

Q:  Can I bring my spouse/child/friend?

A:  We encourage our delegates to bring a guest.  We have separate guest itineraries that include cultural visits while our delegates are in their professional meetings.  If a guest would prefer to attend the professional meetings, we need to get authorization from the association.  If a delegate would like to bring a child less than 18 years old, they must be accompanied by another adult that isn’t a delegate.

Q:  How large will the delegation be?

A:  An average delegation size is between 10 – 20 participants, but the size of each delegation depends on the interest level of those invited.  If the delegations are large, we split the group into smaller sub-groups based on professional focus.

Q:  How much free time will I have?

A:  Approximately 60% of the time will be spent in professional meetings and visits.  The remaining time is set aside for included cultural visits and free time. 

Q:  How do I apply?

A:  We require a $500 deposit for each delegate and guest to confirm your position on the delegation. Applications are reviewed and delegates are confirmed with in within 72 hours. 

Q:  How do I get a roommate?

A:  We are happy to assist in setting up delegates with roommates, however, we cannot guarantee that a roommate can be found.  If we are unable to locate a roommate before departure, then you will be responsible for the single supplement.

Q:  Can I make my own accommodation arrangements?

A:  No, this program was developed as a complete project.  We ask that all delegates stay at the planned hotels for the program.  The program, while set in place, most likely will change throughout the project, as meetings can either run long or short, and quick stops between meetings may change the planned schedule.  As this is a small delegation, we want to allow for flexibility in the programing take advantage of unexpected opportunities. 

Q:  I need to arrive/depart a day late for the program, can I still participate?

A: Yes, we can credit you for the day missed on the program.  We do ask that you participate in at least 80% of the program.

Q: Can we add a day in advance or at the conclusion to the delegation?

A: Yes, our team can help coordinate with the ground operations team to provide travel information.

Q:  How do I arrange my international flights?

A:  As delegates will be joining from across the United States, everyone will be responsible for booking their own international flights to coincide with the preliminary schedule of activities.  We ask that you do not book your flights until the group has been confirmed with the minimum number of participants, at the latest 60 days before departure.  Once the group is confirmed, we will provide suggested arrival window for the program, you should book your international flights either on-line or through your travel agent. 

Q:  My office will only fund me if I can make a presentation – is that possible?

A:  Yes, Presentations are reviewed by the delegation leader and the organizing host to assess relevance to the topics of discussion for each meeting and appropriate placement.  You will be asked to submit an abstract of no more than 250 words for review.

Q:  Do you have a more detailed itinerary yet?

A:  The final schedule of meetings, hosts and facility visits will be confirmed approximately 60 days prior to departure.  The final schedule will reflect the background and interests of the accepted applicants based on the profile of each individual. 

Q: Can we accommodate meal/dietary restrictions?

A: Yes, we just need to be made aware of the restriction ahead of time.

Q:  Is there a dress code for the Professional meetings. 

A:  Yes, For the Professional meetings, we ask that you dress in attire appropriate for your professional environment.  In your final packet of travel materials, provided approximately 30 days prior to departure, we will include a packing list and expected weather conditions.