Welcome Letter

Dear Citizen Ambassador,

Congratulations. As a selected member of your association, you have been accepted as a Citizen Ambassador, representing your association on this important international exchange.

Citizen Ambassadors is a Program of Cultural Vistas, an international nonprofit organization and leader in developing high level, international professional exchanges. As the Director of the Citizen Ambassador Program, and on behalf of your association and your delegation leader, I would like to welcome you to the delegation and provide you with additional information.

Your delegation leader and your international counterparts prepare for several months for your delegation’s travel overseas. We realize that you also must prepare extensively before traveling abroad.

The Citizen Ambassador Program Delegation Communication Site (DCS) , will provide you an access point to receive all delegation materials including all forms, pre-travel information, delegation announcements, schedule updates and background materials. 

Below are key points to remember as you prepare for participating as a Citizen Ambassador:

  • Please complete your Professional Profile Form.   I ask that you complete this as soon as possible, as this form will assist our team and your overseas counterparts in finalizing an exchange that reflects the composition of the delegation.
  • The Final Schedule of Activities, reflecting the composition of the delegation, meeting agendas, and counterpart information, will be sent approximately 30 days prior to departure.
  • The logistics information, including hotel telephone numbers and contact information, is on the Delegation Communications Site, and will also be included in your final information.
  • Please do not book your flights until you have been notified that the program has been confirmed. This notice will be sent no later than 60 days prior to departure.
  • The Delegation Confirmation Letter will include the recommended arrival and departure times for the delegation. Please note that if you choose to purchase your flights before the delegation is confirmed, we will not be responsible for airline tickets purchased. 
  • Airport transfer and hotel contact information will be available on the Delegation Communication Site.   Our ground team will be at the hotel to assist with check-in and welcome you to the delegation.
  • The Delegation officially begins on the delegation convene date (arrival date) and ends on the last day of the program (departure day).  Often delegates wish to arrive early or stay after the last day of the delegation.  We will provide you will hotel contact, information to make these arrangements. 
  • Our ground team will be coordinating travel, accommodations and meeting sites associated with your delegation.  Many travel service providers and counterpart institutions require copies of this information.  Please submit at copy of your Passport and Covid-19 Vaccination card using the  Passport copy and Covid-19 Vaccination card submission form
  • If you wish to make a professional presentation, as may be required for your funding, or as it will add to the professional experience, we ask that you submit a brief outline (250 words) for review. Additional Information can be found on the DCS under the section Forms and Miscellaneous.
  • Over the next few months, we will communicate with you via e-mail, and via the delegation information site, so please ensure that your email address will not be stopped by spam filters on your system.
  • If you are Registering with in 90 days of the delegation convene date, please check your delegation’s communication page.  All previous communications will be posted on this site.  Please review these communications to ensure you are fully informed.

If your program includes an optional cultural exchange.  The Itinerary for the Extension will be found on the DCS, as soon as it is available. The extension will give you the opportunity to further explore the region and the rich culture of the people you will be meeting during the professional program.

We invite you to have a non-professional guest travel with you and share this unique experience.  Guests will not participate in the professional exchange as they will have a parallel program of activities; joining you in the cultural activities outlined in the program.   The Guest Program Information can be found on your DCS as soon as it is available.

We are so pleased that you have chosen to participate on this important exchange. If we can assist you at any time, or Kasey McKevitt, Assistant Program Officer, at  202-545-7034 or at citizenambassador@culturalvists.org.


Dawn Davis

Director, Citizen Ambassador Program